And now it’s time to review the fourth and final movie on the Futtocks End bluray. Again this is a silent sound-effect comedy, but with a slight twist, it acts like a joke, where the punchline at the end of the film is the gag. It is of course, 1969s, Vive Le Sport, which is only 25 minutes long.

It stars Liane Engeman, Beth Morris, Barry Gosney, and numerous others.

It was written by Robert Fuest, produced by Bob Kellett, and directed by Terry Green. Terry Green had only directed one other movie, Cold Justice, however had directed several episodes of many TV series, including; Bergerac, The Sweeney, The Bill, Minder, Mitch, Special Branch, and more.

Two British girls in a classic brightly colored ‘Mini Cooper S’ car are being chased across Europe by a not so sinister organization who are after a colour 35mm roll of film that’s been hidden beneath one of the Minis spot lamp covers.

In my review for Futtocks End, I had actually forgotten to mention two of the extras on the Bluray, so as this movie is part of the same Bluray release, I might as well mention them on this review. The other two extras were trailers for two Tony Hancock films, The Rebel, and The Punch and Judy Man, both being released by Network on Bluray and DVD in the UK.

Overall it is a well shot production, but because I expected a full on comedy like the other three, I found myself asking when is it going to get funny. However the punchline at the end did make me laugh out loud, so it achieved its goal.

The shortest and probably weakest of the films on the disc, but I still enjoyed it though. It contains nothing unsuitable for children. 4 out of 5.

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