Jason David Frank who played Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers, passed away last month, and I have already made a special page in memory to him, but I decided to go back and watch an episode in his memory, and review it on here. At first I thought I would watch his first five episodes, but then I heard about his final ever episode, and how much fan service it had, and how nostalgic it was for Tommy Oliver fans, so I found it on Netflix and decided to watch it. Dimensions In Danger was a episode for the series overall 25th anniversary, it was the 10th episode of the second season of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the second series being also known as Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, the episode first aired in 2018.

The episode stars; William Shewfelt as Brody Romero/Red Ninja Steel Ranger, Nico Greetham as Calvin Maxwell/Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger, Zoë Robins as White Ninja Steel Ranger, Peter Adrian Sudarso as Preston Tien/Blue Ninja Steel Ranger, Chrysti Ane as Sarah Thompson/Pink Ninja Steel Ranger, Jordi Webber as Levi Weston/Gold Ninja Steel Ranger, Kelson Henderson as Mick Kanic, Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver/The Green Ranger/The White Ranger/Red Zeo Ranger/Black DinoThunder Ranger, Li Ming Hu as Gemma/Silver Tiger RPM Ranger, Yoshi Sudarso as Koda/Blue Dino Charge Ranger, and Jason Faunt as Wes Collins/Red Time Force Ranger.

Plus; Steven Skyler as Antonio Garcia/Gold Samurai Ranger, Ciara Hanna as Gia Moran/Yellow Megaforce Ranger, Steve Cardenas as Rocky DeSantos/The Red Ranger, Catherine Sutherland as Katherine Hillard/Pink Turbo Ranger, Selwyn Ward as T. J. Johnson/Blue Space Ranger, Jeffrey Parazzo as Trent Mercer/White DinoThunder Ranger, Jacque Drew as Madame Odius, Rajneel Singh as Lord Draven, Marissa Stott as Badonna, plus Emma Carr and Byron Coll as Redbots. Caleb Bendit as Monty and Chris Reid as Victor Vincent were credited but didn’t appear in the episode.

It was written by Alwyn Dale, Judd Lynn, Becca Barnes, Steve McCleary and Uther Dean, and was directed by Simon Bennett and Akihiro Noguchi.

Tommy Oliver, now a father who still lives at Reefside, returns home from the dojo to pick up his son, J.J. As Tommy was about to enter his house, he is captured by Lord Draven. The Ninja Steel Rangers are playing pool at school when they receive a message from Mick saying they have some visitors. When the Rangers show up, the 3 strangers from the previous episode enter through their portal. They reveal themselves to be Wesley Collins/Red Time Force Ranger, Koda/Dino Charge Blue Ranger, and Gemma/RPM Silver Ranger. They explain that Draven has been capturing Rangers from other dimensions and ask the Ninja Steel rangers if they have seen anything suspicious. They say they haven’t but they want to help. Wes explains that first, they need to find Tommy Oliver. They travel to Oliver’s house, where they see Draven and some Basherbots carrying a large chest come through a portal. Robo-Tommy comes out of the house. Madame Odius also appears, reminding Draven about their deal. She then makes the three arrows inside Draven’s chest powerful and explains that after firing the first Mega-Arrow, Draven must wait for the sky to turn red. She then goes back to the Warrior Dome. Draven, Robo-Oliver, and the Basherbots leave through the portal. Wes creates his own portal to the Antiverse where the other Rangers follow.

The scene changes to Draven’s robot ranger factory, where it is seen that Draven has also captured Antonio Garcia/Gold Samurai Ranger, Katherine Hillard/Pink Turbo Ranger I, Rocky DeSantos/Mighty Morphin Red Ranger II, T.J. Johnson/Blue Space Ranger, Gia Morgan/Megaforce Yellow Ranger, and Trent Fernandez-Mercer/Dino Thunder White Ranger. Draven is using the Rangers to make robotic clones and is assembling an army to tear down the dimensions. Oliver, in his black dino thunder form, destroys one of the cloning machines. Draven’s robotic factory is shut down, but he remains assured that his army is already big enough. Meanwhile, the Ninja Steel Rangers and others try to sneak into Draven’s factory, taking out all the Basherbots along the way. The real Tommy Oliver shows up to help them. He leads them into the factory, but Draven finds them. He fires one of his Mega-Arrows into the sky and a black crack forms on the barrier. The Rangers are forced to find another way inside; they find and free the captives. All manage to escape except for Oliver, who gets attacked by his robot imposter, who morphs into black dino thunder form. The real Oliver morphs into red Zeo form, and the two fight, with the real also morphing into white and green Mighty Morphin forms. The robot gets defeated and the factory explodes into smithereens. Brody and Sarah are searching for the exit when suddenly they find the chest containing two of Draven’s Mega-Arrows. Sarah ties Brody onto the chest, with Preston controlling his Dragon Zord outside the factory. He flies Brody and the chest away along with the other Rangers making their escape, but Draven shoots them down. He fires his second Mega-Arrow into the sky as soon as it turned red. The Ninja Steel Rangers are confronted by Draven’s robotic ranger army. They and the other rangers morph and defeat the robots.

Meanwhile, at the Warrior Dome, Badonna reveals that Draven’s army was defeated, so Odius orders that Draven be Gigantified. As soon as Draven becomes gigantic, he fires his final Mega-Arrow at the sky. However, Tommy Oliver morphs into white and his Falcon Zord catches the Mega-Arrow. The other Rangers shoot Draven from the ground and the Falcon Zord plunges the final Mega-Arrow into Draven, destroying him. The crack in the barrier is fully repaired. The Rangers all wish each other farewell before returning to their dimensions.

Even though this episode delivers so much nostalgia for fans, it’s way too short, it needed to be a special extended episode. Even the epic fight between Tommy and his evil double was chopped to bits because of the run time, and that’s a shame because I saw the full extended version of that scene on YouTube and it was epic, some of the best fight choreography the show has ever had, plus Tommy changes into four Ranger costumes instead of the three, in the extended scene. The overall threat of the episode itself required more screen time and so did all of the past returning Rangers, seemed like a missed opportunity.

Saying all of that I did enjoy the episode for what it was, and yes all of the nostalgia was great, especially seeing Tommy in the White Ranger costume again and even flying in his Falcon Zord one final time in the final battle was making my inner child glow. So yes I do recommend watching this entry, Jason David Frank left the series on the biggest high anyone could have. It’s just so sad that the man is no longer with us. It contains moderate violence. 4 1/2 out of 5.

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