For a change of pace I watched the movie, Spanish Fly, a saucy British comedy, from 1976, that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am going to keep this review brief.

It stars Leslie Phillips, Terry Thomas, Graham Armitage, Nadiuska, Frank Thornton, Ramiro Oliveros, Sue Lloyd, Andrea Allan, Nina Zuckerman among others.

It was written and directed by Bob Kellett. Recently I have watched and reviewed the movie Futtocks End which was also directed by Bob Kellett, plus the films, A Home Of Your Own, San Ferry Ann, and Vive Le Sport, which were all produced by Bob Kellett.

Ex-pat Sir Percy de Courcy feels dejected. In a cunning wheeze to make some much-needed money, he’s bought 100,000 gallons of local wine, hoping to sell it at a vast profit. Unfortunately, even Sir Percy has to admit the wine tastes foul and, when he asks his chauffeur to ‘improve’ the taste, a certain local ingredient finds its way into the bottles, turning it into a potent aphrodisiac.

I watched the movie via Bluray, the UK region B locked release from Network. The Bluray contains the following extras; the original trailer, a image gallery with music from the original score, an interview with Nina Zuckerman called Fun in Menorca, and a full screen version of the film. The picture and sound quality was fantastic.

The movie is fun and very saucy, with brilliant performances from Leslie Phillips and Terry Thomas, plus from the rest of the cast. I have to admit there wasn’t much to the plot but I still found myself enjoying it and even laughing out loud numerous times. It’s a pretty decent little movie that I recommend giving it a watch. It contains frequent female nudity and strong sexual references. 4 1/2 out of 5.

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